Ensure that your site is ready for Toast to arrive for Install Day by following this checklist.

Welcome to the STOVE family! Your restaurant location must be properly prepared to ensure a smooth and seamless Stove installation. This guide outlines the site requirements for your restaurant prior to the implementation of your system.

The following information is intended for customers who will have a Toast-monitored network. This means you have purchased a Meraki or Unifi router and Unifi Access Points (if applicable) from Stove. If you plan to be self-managed or work with a 3rd party network manager, please review our Stove Network Requirements and Stove Firewall Allowlist.

Note: Before continuing, confirm your Stove Onboarding Package with your Onboarding Consultant to understand whether you have purchased an onsite installation (a Stove contractor will be physically coming onsite to your location) or a remote installation (a Stove contractor will be assisting you remotely using video conferencing or a phone call). 
To avoid cancellation fees and ensure a smooth installation or transfer to Stove POS, please follow this guide closely. It will be covered during your Site Survey with your Onboarding Consultant and they will make sure to provide you time for questions. Please note that Stove does not provide mounting or cabling services in most situations so that cost is not included in your implementation quote. You may need to consult or hire a third party to prepare your restaurant if you’re not comfortable doing this yourself. 

If you have any additional questions about networking requirements for Stove, reach out to your Onboarding Consultant. 

Site Readiness Checklist